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United Arab Emirates

There is a lot more to explore in the United Arab Emirates, other than attention seeking Dubai.

Soak up the atmosphere of the heritage areas or the magnificent mountain scenery of Hatta, haggle over souvenirs in the souqs of Sharjah, head out to Abu Dhabi's desert sands for a camel ride under a star-filled sky, or dive the coral-filled waters of the Gulf.

Very contradictory, the United Arab Emirates explores the line between traditional Bedouin lifestyle and the customs of Western society and it's rampant need for consumerism. You'll marvel at the fantastic hotel and real estate projects, explore the myriad of shopping malls and dizzying array of dining options, stay up late in one of the many hip clubs and bars and wake up to the muezzins' morning call to prayer.

Now lets revisit Dubai, where on the surface Sheikh Mohammed has achieved his promise of creating a city like no other city on earth, with more and more visitors flocking to this Middle East metropolis each year. But dive a little beyond the surface and you'll discover a different Dubai. Explore the Heritage Village during Ramadan or the DSF, where local Emiratis take joy in their songs, dance and traditions. Spend a few fascinating hours by the creek, watching the dhow and the abras float along the waterway, walk the streets of the tranquil, restored Bastakia area or take a stroll through multicultural Karama or Satwa.


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