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Hungary consists mainly of low-laying plain, called the Pannonian Basin. It is the land of the beautiful costumes, farmsteads, open-air museums and the famous wine festivals. Hungary has a rich medieval history and a lot of cultural heritage preserved.

Hungary doesn't have sea or beaches but in compensation for that Hungary has Lake Balaton. This is one of the largest lakes within Europe and also one of its foremost tourist destinations. If you find Lake Balaton too busy, you can go to Lake Valence, which is nearby and offers you a good alternative.

Budapest is the beautiful capital city of Hungary. There is so much to see in Budapest that in a short visit it is almost impossible to see everything of Budapest and the amazing surroundings. Just outside Budapest you have Szentendre, which is a beautiful town with a Serbian history. A bit more upstream you will find Esztergom which is the ecclesiastical centre, dominated by a huge cathedral.

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