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Monika Szak

Monika is an exceptionally well qualified Senior Travel Consultant. Not only was she born in Europe, speaks several European languages, and is well travelled, she also holds an MBA in Tourism and has more than 15 years’ experience. monika szak

It’s no wonder her clients love her for her expertise and insights!

Monika says it stems back to a love of culture and different languages.

“Growing up in a continent with history that goes back centuries, I love Europe,” says Monika. “Each place has its own beauty and special vibe. I especially love to stay in the old town areas in different cities, with their cobblestones, their cultural backgrounds.”

The Hungarian-born travel specialist first went to Russia as an exchange student, and hasn’t looked back since.
“In my first travel agency role in Hungary, I organised group tours to Brazil, South Africa and Australia. I then went on to live in the United States for six years, which gave me plenty of time for exploring the US.”

Monika completed her MBA in Lismore and the Gold Coast before joining the Magic Tours Group in 2004. Now a European specialist, she offers advice for those wondering where to include on their must-see list.

“Italy tops the list. With its history, all the way from the Romans, I’d recommend Rome and the Amalfi Coast area.”

“I love Russia. It helps that I speak the language, but during St Petersburg’s White Nights, you can do so many things since the days are so long, and the city is so lively!”
“I also prefer their palaces to the French ones, such as Versailles. The city is magical, with its canals.”

One of Monika’s most memorable European trips was with her family to Hungary, Barcelona, London and Paris.

“To go as a family and share the cultural background of another continent, with my husband and my kids, showing where I was from, that was very special. My kids are dual citizens, so to be able to show them where I grew up, what cultural ‘values’ and views I bring with me was very important.”

Their itinerary had something for everyone, including Euro Disney, Big Ben and a changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace for the kids, and a stay in the old town of Barcelona, within walking range of the harbour for the adults.

Monika is experienced in meeting her clients’ needs, no matter how unusual the request, whether self-drive tours in Iceland, family tours to Lapland for an igloo stay or hiking in Armenia and Georgia.

Her goal when travelling is to feel at ease in her short-term adopted town.

“I like to get to know a city, to be there for a while. I like to get to the point I can get around without maps, where I’m not quite a local but I almost feel like one.”

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