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Tayla Donovan

Ensuring her clients have a positive and memorable travel experience is Tayla’s primary focus as a Eastern Eurotours Travel Consultant.tayla donovan

“My role is specialising in coordinating and booking the best value travel arrangements tailored to my clients’ budgets and preferences,” she explains.

Tayla had her first taste of Europe after high school. Using relatives in London as a base and the city as a gateway, she explored as much of Europe as she could for three months.

Reflecting on the experience, she explains: “Travelling gets people outside of their comfort zone and pushes you to limits you didn't realize you had, but you also discover just how resourceful and capable you are when you're exposed to new surroundings, people and experiences.”

“After my time overseas, with the experience and knowledge I had gained I realized that the world of travel was exactly where my passion lies and where I would love to further my career.”

She’s been with the Magic Tours team for a little over four years, following completing a Certificate III Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) from the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE.

Quite a few destinations have managed to capture her heart and stay in her mind.

“I’d have to say the vibrant and quirky city of Amsterdam is one of my favourites, for the beautiful architecture, intricate canals and bright street art. When walking through the streets looking around you’ll see people riding around on bikes everywhere, sipping coffee and socializing with friends over great food.”

Another destination that particularly stood out for Tayla was Switzerland, where the scenery is incredible and almost dreamlike at every turn.

“I loved the whole feel of Switzerland, from the luscious green landscapes, snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, bright blue waters down to the little villages and towns with locals that were always happy to stop for a chat.”
In fact, Tayla was fortunate enough to be able to experience Switzerland from a local’s perspective.

“While was staying in London, I made friends with a lady who worked at the local coffee shop. She invited me to come stay with her in her hometown in Switzerland.”

“I bought a rail pass and each morning set off to explore a new city for the day, which truly opened my eyes to the natural beauty Switzerland has to offer. I would return in the evening and her mother would always have dinner prepared for all of us to sit down to. Seeing the way they went about their daily life and just being amongst the Swiss culture was an amazing experience that I’ll surely never forget.”

Prior to joining the role, Tayla would never have expected to have had enquiries over the years for accommodation in the world-famous glass igloos, premium kelo-glass igloos as well as snow igloos in the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. A unique vacation destination located in Finland, Lapland 250km north of the Arctic Circle, it’s one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights.

Tayla’ would recommend that anyone who is visiting Dubrovnik or the Balkan region take a day trip to the hidden gem of Mostar. She describes it as a deeply desired and charming city surrounded by the old ottoman feel and most known for its iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge) that forms a majestic stone arc between the reincarnated medieval towers.

“It’s an enchanting must see with the view of the old bridge being like something out of a fairy-tale.”

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